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New Book Update: Creating Freedom from Structure

I love possibilities. I prefer to keep my options open. Too much structure makes me feel like I’m straightjacketed. (I’m an NP on the MBTI if you know what I mean). But I’m imposing structure as I revise my novel and still enjoying creative spontaneity. I never imagined that so much freedom could come from […]

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How to Make Reality Fit the Writing Plan

We’ve all had days when the writing reality didn’t match the plan. We’ve all started out with great intentions to write but somehow ended up listening to the siren’s call and crashing ourselves on the rocks of social media, email and other e-stimuli. It’s not the fault of your will power or a character flaw. […]

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Does Your Writing Reality Fit the Plan?

You can’t predict when an “a-ah” moment will arrive or how your writing will unfold — creativity is, by definition, unpredictable. But if the reality of when you show up for Product Time (aka writing time) rarely matches the plan, you’re either resisting your writing or you have a bigger problem. My Modest Plan Today […]

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The Wrong Question Writers Ask

Chances are you’ve asked “Who can I get to read my writing and give me feedback?” There’s no good answer to that question. It’s the wrong question. In a recent episode of Holmes on Homes, homeowners needed help with a leaky basement. In the process of taking down walls to discover the source of the […]

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Wise Writers Step Back From Procrastination

One step forward, one step back. Two steps forward, two steps back. Does this sound like a route through the push-pull of procrastination? It is. And it makes perfect neurological sense. Let me tell you about our dog Kelda to illustrate. As I mentioned in a previous post, Kelda notices anything that is out of […]

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Break Free of the Push-Pull of Procrastination

Procrastination is one of the most common forms of writer’s resistance. You know how it goes: some variation on “Of course I’m going to write. But first, I’ll just…” No doubt you’ve berated yourself for procrastinating at some point in your life. Or you’ve questioned your will power, discipline or desire to write because you […]

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What’s Missing In Your Writing?

A pen, a pad of paper, a computer. What else could a writer need? Feeling stuck, blocked or resistant often comes from not having what you need. Your resistance is there because something important isn’t. You need something to move your writing forward: it might be reassurance, support, time, training, experience, tools. Looking for a […]

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Three Myths that Cause Writer’s Block

This morning while I walked the dogs in the park, a young man sat on a park bench playing riffs on his trumpet. Because I’m an introvert, I often have more involved conversations with strangers in my head than I do in reality. In my head, I said, “I used to play trumpet. But I’m […]

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New Book Update: An Unexpected Breakthrough

Kudos to me! I reached my target to create a scene card for every scene in the novel I’m revising. The pile of index cards is over an inch high. I wanted to complete this stage in August because it’s an exercise I’ll ask students to do in my new online Revisiting the Flow class. […]

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Only the Good Get Blocked

Come on Virginia Woolf, don’t make me wait, Perfect writers start much too late. I’d rather laugh with the hacks than languish with the saints, To the hacks, fans have flocked, You know that only the good get blocked. (Apologies to Billy Joel) I am a fan of Robert Olen Butler. I’ve recommended From Where […]

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