Hennepin County Libraries Offer FREE NaNoWriMo Classes

I highly recommend the Get Ready class taught by J.J. Austrian as well as my own Brain Science to Keep You Writing

NaNoWriMo: Get Ready

Learn the importance of short, regular, repeated writing sessions and establish a writing habit that will stick with you through November and beyond. Taught by novelist and Minnesota Book Award winner J.J. Austrian. (Stay to write, share ideas and connect with fellow Wrimos.) Funded by Minnesota’s Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund. Class is free and you can drop in at the last minute, but registering in advance really helps the library and instructor plan. You have three opportunities:

  • Monday, October 8, 6:30 -7:30 pm at Walker
  • Wednesday, October 17, 7:00 – 8:00 pm at Eden Prairie
  • Thursday, October 25, 6:30 – 7:30 pm at Rogers

NaNoWriMo: Brain Science to Keep You Writing

Discover why you procrastinate, distract yourself and find it so hard to write at times. Harness the power of brain science to show up, sit down and write, no matter what. Taught by writing and creativity instructor and author Rosanne Bane. (Stay to write, share ideas and connect with fellow Wrimos.) Funded by Minnesota’s Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund. Class is free and you can drop in at the last minute, but registering in advance really helps the library and instructor plan. You have three opportunities:

Romance Writers of America  Conference

Keynote to the Professional Authors Network Romancing the Creative Brain: Avoiding Burnout and Block (July 19, Denver)

“What are you working on?” is a great way to start a conversation, but it can suggest that writers must always be writing. Of course, you want to keep writing and you need to keep promoting, but when do you pause to catch your breath and restore your creative energy?

The pace of prolific publication, whether you’re realizing how much harder it is to write your second book or driving yourself to complete your fiftieth novel, can cause burnout, writer’s block or other forms of resistance: procrastination, distraction, paralysis, overscheduling.

You do not need more discipline, will power, ambition or talent. You need to understand what’s going on in your brain when you want to write, but can’t. Most importantly, you need to understand why play is essential to the creative brain and how to make it a serious part of your sustainable writing practice.

Conference information

* * *

“Thank you again for your willingness to share such a wealth of inspiring information with our writing group. You truly are a great coach! Every time  I listen to you speak, I feel revved up to try again – and to try to accomplish more. I’m certain the other members in the group feel the same.” – Tonya

If you’d like me to visit your writer’s group or present to your organization, we can do it in-person or via Skype. Send me an email or visit my website.


Video of my TEDx Mahtomedi 2015 Talk is available on YouTube.

Did you read my article Why Weird Writing Rituals Work in WOW and my article in the Huffington Post?


026 (2) cropTo the hundred or so writers who attend one or more of the free classes I taught at Chanhassen Library in 2013 and 2014. You enriched our classes with your experiences, insights and observations. And the volunteers for the Six Stages bodysculpt (right) demonstrated spontaneous creativity at its best. Thanks for playing with me!

To the hundreds of writers who stopped by my table at the Twin Cities Book Festival to take the Brainy Writer or Creativity quiz. You all kept me happily giving away Fortune Brains, brainy pencils and pink brains for the entire day.

subtext event 789071916 To Subtext for hosting the Rewire Your Brain to Write More workshop and to all the writers who showed up to play! Brains flew to everyone who commented, asked questions and shared their responses to the exercises, and that was nearly every writer there.

To everyone at the Bloomington Writer’s Festival who stopped by to play the Brainy Writer Game with me and “talk books.” I had so much fun handing out brainy pencils, brain erasers and the Fortune Brain fortunes.

To the writers creating a lively and supportive online writer’s community in the Loft Discovering Your Way Around the Writer’s Block class!

To StoryStudio in Chicago for hosting a fabulous 4-hour workshop Overcoming Your Writing Resistance and to the Chicago writers who made the day so interesting! I had a feeling the Brain Treasure Hunt would be fun — you all made it a hoot!

To an engaging group of writers, painters and teachers at ArtReach in Stillwater MN and to Valley Bookseller for being on hand to sell my book.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATo the fabulous friends and writers who showed up at Common Good Books in St. Paul despite the almost-freezing rain on January 10, 2013 for the Kickstart Your New Year Writing Resolutions at the free writer’s workshop. My adventure getting back to my car after the presentation became the blog post It’s Okay to Slip — Just Don’t Stop!

To a great group of writers at Reading Frenzy Bookshop in Zimmerman, MN! Your comments and willingness to share made the free Writer’s Workshop on November 1, 2012 a great learning experience and a whole lot of fun for everyone.

To a great group of Iowa writers! Beaverdale Books in Des Moines, IA sold every copy they had to the participants at the free Writer’s Workshop on Sunday, September 23, 2012.

To everyone who celebrated with me at the Launch Party at the Loft Literary Center Photo Album 1 and Photo Album 2.

2 Comments on “Events”

  1. yellroy January 7, 2018 at 1:22 pm #

    Hello Rosanne: With the help of a librarian I got to your blog on WordPress. I’m reading your book,AROUND THE WRITER’S BLOCK, I think it’s very helpful, but so much to learn! I remember a comment by a literary agent: I asked him “How does an aspiring novelist deal with all the doubts.” His reply:” All novelists experience doubts about writing their novels. The successful novelists are those who have the doubts, but still keep writing.” I believe that is your philosophy, too. Thank you for sending me your invitation and accepting me into your group. Please let me know if you will hold any more classes and/or if you know of any other instructors offering classes similar to yours


    • rosannebane January 8, 2018 at 12:58 pm #

      Hi “Yellroy”- you’re welcome! Thanks for reading my book.


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