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Learning to Be Brave, Not Blocked

Frustration and rejection are the tuition for persistance.

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Keep Writer’s Block at Bay by Keeping Writing Something You Get to Do Part 1

This blog is two years old today and I’m so glad I get to write it today. (Mini-brag: for two years, I published at least one post per week, which was my commitment when I started. Hooray for me!) How often do you talk about writing as something you “get to do today”? When you […]

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Does Your Writer’s Block Rely on a Digital Trance?

Is there a real difference between a creative flow state (while writing or engaged in any other creative activity) and being lost in a digital trance (which could include being absorbed by TV, emails, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, shopping, etc.)? For most of us, the digital trance is so close to what we’re really looking for in the flow state, we keep going there, hoping that this time it’ll be all we need without enduring the risk and fear that come with surrendering to the flow. What happens in the brain with addiction and resistance are very different processes. But the search for something that’s almost what you need is remarkably similar.

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Only the Good Get Blocked

The idea that only certain writers get writer’s block is snobbery and classism. There is nothing inherently noble or damning in being blocked or feeling resistance.

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Want to End Writer’s Block? Stop Feeding the Saboteur!

Do you hear the whisper of self-doubt or the roar of criticism whenever you even think about writing? Do you have a collection of excuses and reasons not to write? Do you have other behaviors and beliefs that undermine your writing? That’s the Saboteur at work. But you don’t have to let the Saboteur run […]

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Don’t Worry About Writer’s Block: You Have Wings!

You have wings! Every time you throw yourself into space propelled by trust in the Divine and your willingness to express has been given to you to share, your wings grow stronger, your heart sings louder and your spirit soars higher.

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Around the Writer’s Block Class Open for Enrollment

If you’ve enjoyed my blog or gleaned useful suggestions from it, you’re going to love the Around the Writer’s Block class!  This class will give you: A safe, supportive community with other writers who are ready to stop struggling with resistance and start writing the way they want Awareness of what’s happening in your brain […]

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Are You a Secret Atomist?

I find it both amusing and disturbing when people say “It is what it is,” with a shrug that implies “That’s just the way I am, don’t expect me to change.” I suspect none of them realize they’re echoing the pre-Socratic Greek Atomists who believed “That which is, is, and cannot not be, and that […]

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The Over-Convenienced Writer or How Gadgets Get in the Way of Creative Flow

We’ve convenienced ourselves out of opportunities to think creatively. When our minds slow down, we can find our entry point to the flow state of creative consciousness.

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