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Two Ways through Writer’s Block

When you’re stuck or notice that you’re resisting your writing time, you have two alternatives: pay attention or daydream. Which should you choose? Depends on what you’ve been doing lately. We have two different attentional states: focused attention, officially called the Central Executive mode, and daydreaming or the Mind-Wandering Mode. (more about two attentional states […]

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Brainy Writers Seek Uncertainty to Solve Resistance

Don’t know where you’re going? Excellent! Not sure how you’ll get there? Outstanding! On your way anyway? Kudos! Know everything? My condolences. Resistance is caused by fear. And fear of the unknown is the biggest fear of all. But it’s not not knowing that causes problems, it’s the fear of not knowing. At the heart […]

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Want to Write More? You Need to Play More!

Not that you need it, but I give you my permission to play. I invite you to play. I encourage you to play. Here’s why: What you really need is your own permission. I predict that if you write a permission slip to play, you’ll find it easier to write everything else. Let me know […]

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New Book Update: How Potato Chip Chapters Made My Novel Leaner

In January, I returned to working on the actual manuscript of my novel. [In previous posts, I reviewed how I added new scene cards to my novel and used a Word table to restructure the novel at the level of those scenes.] As I added scenes featuring Kat, my new POV character, I read the […]

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What Must We Be in Want Of? Guest Post by Cia McAlarney

When Cia McAlarney, one of my coaching clients, shifted a Jane Austen quote to reflect our current obsession with electronics and what it does to us as writers, I knew I wanted to feature her insights on the topic in this guest post. Cia is editor of the Riverdale Hamlet Hub, an online news service. […]

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Make Writing as Easy as Brushing Your Teeth

It’s all about the habit…

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Random Cures for Writer’s Block

If you don’t know where to start or where to go next in your writing, congratulations! That means anything is possible. Any old random thing can be your launching pad. Of course, a part of you will think “I can’t throw just anything into my writing. It wouldn’t make sense. It would be stupid.” That’s […]

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From Commitment to Writing Habit

A sustainable writing habit is more important than luck or talent, more powerful than discipline or will power. Your writing habit begins with commitments and the will power to honor your commitments — not hopes, good intentions or vague promises of “Someday when I have time.” Eventually, you create a habit, which is the neurological […]

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Are You a Trustworthy Writer?

To an editor, a trustworthy writer is one who delivers what s/he promised by the due date, has confirmed the accuracy of the content and skillfully crafted it. To readers, a trustworthy writer is one who delivers what they expect. But what does it mean to trust yourself as a writer? You need confidence in […]

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Beyond New Year’s Resolutions to New Year’s Vision

What’s your vision for your writing in 2015? Not a boring, corporate-like planning and strategy session—a real vision. Sure you need to ask those logical, linear, pragmatic questions that the left hemisphere knows are important. But you also need to invite the right hemisphere to play too, if you want a truly creative vision. Questions […]

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