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Are You a Trustworthy Writer?

To an editor, a trustworthy writer is one who delivers what s/he promised by the due date, has confirmed the accuracy of the content and skillfully crafted it. To readers, a trustworthy writer is one who delivers what they expect. But what does it mean to trust yourself as a writer? You need confidence in […]

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Beyond New Year’s Resolutions to New Year’s Vision

What’s your vision for your writing in 2015? Not a boring, corporate-like planning and strategy session—a real vision. Sure you need to ask those logical, linear, pragmatic questions that the left hemisphere knows are important. But you also need to invite the right hemisphere to play too, if you want a truly creative vision. Questions […]

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Resolved: No More Writing Resolutions!

Question: What’s the difference between a New Year’s resolution and a broken promise? Answer: About three to six weeks. Research shows that 78%  to 88% of New Year’s resolutions fail. Resolutions are destined to fail in part because they rely on will power, which cannot last. Applying will power is repeatedly making a decision to […]

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New Book Update: Reincarnate Your Darlings

If you’ve ever agonized over deleting a sentence, paragraph or whole chapter, but know it’s what you need to, there may be relief. Not always, not even often, but every once in a while, you can reincarnate the darling you had to kill. In a previous post, I described how identifying the fixed points in […]

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Celebrate Light and Dark

Hanukkah, Solstice, Christmas, Yule, New Year all celebrate the return of light out of a time of darkness. Even though winter starts today in the northern hemisphere, from this day forward, every day will be a little longer. The sun will rise a few minutes earlier and set a few minutes later each day. The […]

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Drafting + Editing = Writer’s Block

“Write one page without looking back.” That was the challenge I offered a new coaching client. Gloria’s writing was crippled by perfectionism. She edited too soon. She couldn’t get past the first paragraph without having to go back and start over again. And again. And again. Gloria accepted that challenge. She wrote without looking back, […]

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Don’t Let the Holidays Block Your Writing

Brace yourself: the holidays are upon us. We have decorations to put up, presents to buy, cards to send, special dinners to cook and treats to bake, parties with co-workers, get-togethers with family and friends, and plays and concerts to attend. It’s a fact that most of us have more opportunities and obligations around the […]

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Ask Not for Whom Resistance Tolls

Writers ask me, “How can I tell when I’m resisting my writing?” “You make your best guess,” I tell them. Before they can realize how much of an answer that isn’t, I describe typical examples of resistance, many of which sound familiar enough to assure them that resistance is part of their writing life and […]

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A Request from One Writer to Another

If BaneOfYourResistance is one of your favorite writing blogs, if my posts have given you insight, comfort, encouragement, information or practical advice that has helped you keep showing up for your writing, if you think other writers would benefit from knowing about this blog, I humbly request you nominate BaneOfYourResistance.com as one of the Top […]

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Thanks for the Resistance – Again!

If this Thanksgiving post sounds familiar, it’s because I’ve published it before. It bears repeating. As a writer, what do you give thanks for? Your computer? Teachers who taught you to read and write? Writers who inspire you? Your vision and the flexibility of your fingers and brain? Do you give thanks for your resistance? […]

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