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Set, Ready, Go! More Tricks of Tracking Your Writing

The old saying “Ready, set, go!” is the wrong order for writers who want to track their way out of resistance and into satisfaction and success. You need to Set (your intentions), Ready (the resources) and Go (track yourself). Set Your Intentions! They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions, but the […]

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A Fool’s Errand or a Worthy Risk? Guest Post by Ellen Shriner

Every writer I know has to respond to the big D: Doubt. If we don’t respond effectively when Doubt comes to call, it can open the door for the Saboteur and all manner of writer’s resistance. Which is why I so appreciated Ellen Shriner’s perspective on doubt and how to respond to it. I think […]

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Writing Students Score Success with Stars (and Other Tricks to Track Your Writing)

Last year, I took a risk with students in my Writing Habit class. I gave them a simple table to track what they do for Process, Product Time and Self-care (the three habits that are the bedrock of this class and my own writing practice). Here’s the risky part: I also gave them a sheet […]

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You Don’t Have to Write Everyday, But You Do Have to Track Everyday

Do you track what you do for your writing projects? If you do, that’s great! But it’s even more important to track what you don’t do! You need to track your writing progress even on the days you don’t show up. Especially on the days you don’t show up. If you track only the days […]

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Auto-Correct Writer’s Block with Weekly Check-ins

“Part of what helps me stick with my writing is the chance to reset my commitments every week when I check-in with my writing buddies. If I fall off the wagon (in other words if I don’t do everything I committed to doing), I get back much sooner. It’s easier to get back into the […]

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After the Writer’s Conference #AWP2015: The Beast Beneath the Good Stuff

In my last post, I observed that being at a writer’s conference “…in the presence of other people who are passionate about writing and committed to their craft is exciting, energizing, inspiring and thought-provoking. It is also fraught with opportunities for your Saboteur to crash the party.” (For the most complete info about the Saboteur, […]

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After the Writers Conference #AWP2015

Over 11,000 writers attended AWP 2015 here in Minneapolis. Other writers conferences might bring together less than a hundred. Whether the conference is huge, medium or micro, being in the presence of other people who are passionate about writing and committed to their craft is exciting, energizing, inspiring and thought-provoking. It is also fraught with […]

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Does Your Partner Know How to Support Your Writing?

Writing is hard. Certainly it’s not too much to ask that your spouse/partner refrain from sabotaging you. Surely, you should be able to expect your spouse/partner will  give you the support you need. That’s part of the deal, right? But does your partner know what that means? Support comes in many forms from different people. […]

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Does Your Partner Support or Sabotage Your Writing?

Steven Pressfield’s latest post was so on target, I’m taking the liberty of using it as a launch point. Please come back after you read Love in the Time of Resistance. Have you ever felt your writing was sabotaged by your partner? I know it happens, but I haven’t experienced it. So I have a […]

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GEMO Ends Writer’s Resistance

What’s GEMO? a) Tickle Me Elmo’s cousin b) a command for sled dogs meaning go right (Gee) even more (Mo) c) a motto that will get your writing unstuck and keep you moving If you answered c, you’re correct. If you answered a, you’re going to have a hard time finding GEMO at ToysRUs. If […]

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