Guest Post Guidelines

Bane Of Your Resistance welcomes guest posts from writers who’ve wrestled with resistance and found ways to keep writing anyway. Insights from professionals who help writers get through resistance and keep writing are also welcome.

What have you noticed in your writing practice? What keeps you going? What gets in the way of your writing and how do you get around that? What works for you? What doesn’t help?

Guest posts are usually published 2 to 4 weeks after acceptance. I prefer to see close-to-final drafts, but send what’s easiest for you: complete post, partial draft or idea pitch. Email to

Please familiarize yourself with BOYR. Read at least 3 regular posts and 3 guest posts to get a feel for the kinds of things other guest bloggers have shared and how I structure guest posts. (Guest post examples here1, here2, and here3 or click on Guest Posts in the Category column.)

I prefer original material, but I’m open to previously published material if you rewrite to tailor it for BOYR. Feel free to quote portions of your own book when it’s relevant. I rarely published posts that are entirely excerpts of published books.

Shoot for around 1,000 words. Provide a couple of internal links to relevant BOYR posts and to your own book, blog or other sources. To let me know you’ve read these guidelines please insert the word “fairylights” in your email.

Make your guest post inclusive. BOYR is for writers of all genres, at any level. We focus more on the writing process and practice than on craft issues. Some of the details of your personal story may be genre-specific, but writers in any genre/level should be able to see how they can benefit from your experience.

Be informal, friendly and collegial (but there’s no need to hide your expertise). We’re all in this together. Use first-person singular (I, my) and specific details to explain your experience with resistance. When you move from the personal to the universal, use first-person plural (we, our) or second-person plural (you, your).

Finding graphics usually takes more time than I wish, so if you can suggest or provide graphics/images to accompany your post, I will be “most beholding” to you. (Bonus points if you know in what movie Katherine Hepburn says that to Jimmy Stewart.)

Your extended byline can be 50 to 100 words. Feel free to include links to your social media, blog, website, books, etc. Send your photo and information I can use to write the introductory paragraph (see sample guest posts).


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