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So You’re a Frustrated Writer… Are You Frustrated Enough?

If you’re struggling to find a clever transition or the structure for your book, if you’d kill for a killer plot twist or the perfect word, you’re in luck! If you’re frustrated, stymied and stuck, congratulations! Frustration is a sign you are on the verge of a breakthrough. Frustration is not just an unpleasant side […]

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Best Laid Writing Plans…

I planned to write a different post and publish it yesterday; I hadn’t planned to get vertigo. So instead, here are my musings on balance and the lack thereof. Observation: It’s difficult in the extreme to write when the room keeps spinning and the monitor jerks from side to side. It’s difficult to even stay […]

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Step 4: Redirect Your Writing Past Distraction

There’s nothing wrong with distracting yourself sometimes. Distraction is one way your brain copes with stress and anxiety. What We’ve Learned So Far The challenge with being too distracted to write is that you’re usually too distracted to notice. Hence, Step 1 is to Recognize when you’re distracting yourself. Since we distract ourselves to diffuse […]

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Step 3 Out of Too Distracted to Write: Respect Your Resistance

From previous posts, you know that Step 1 is to recognize you are distracting yourself away from writing (or using another form of resistance). Step 2 is to relax, which will bring your creative cortex back online. Your next step is to respect the wisdom of your resistance. How can there possibly be wisdom in […]

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Too Distracted to Write? Here’s Your Next Step

When you realize you’re too distracted to write, kudos! Recognizing distraction (or any other form of resistance) is Step 1 in responding effectively. As soon as you recognize the distraction, you can stop wondering if you have ADHD and takes steps to refocus your attention and get back to writing. Your next step is to […]

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Too Distracted to Write?

Beware! Here Be Distractions! Distraction is one of the most common forms of writing resistance. Sometimes distractions force their way into our consciousness. But sometimes we actively go looking for something to distract us from writing.  Opening email before I’ve put in my Product Time usually means I’m trying to distract myself. Looking at Facebook […]

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Laugh Your Way through Writer’s Block

There’s nothing funny about feeling blocked or recognizing that you’re spending more time resisting than writing. But the solution might be a laughing matter. Humor Increases Creativity Recent research shows that “mirthful laughter” triggers your brain to release gamma waves, which are the brain’s highest electrical frequency. Gamma waves are required to achieve an aha! […]

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Big Significant Next Steps Make Writing Harder

Transitions are usually difficult for me. Which is why I’m so surprised that the current transition is – I’m almost afraid to jinx it – easy. Typically, while I’m clipping along in one stage – doing research or drafting, for example – I’ve got momentum working for me. I show up for Product Time and […]

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When Writing Is Hard, Know You Can Do Hard

Writing can be easier than you think, and it can be harder than you like. In my last post, I quoted from Carl Sandberg’s poem “A Father to His Son”: “Life is hard; be steel, be a rock…life is soft loam, be gentle, go easy”. I observed that when life is soft, we need the […]

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What If Writing Is Easier than You Think?

When Claudia and I realize we might be making something more difficult than it has to be, one of us will ask, “What if it’s quick, easy and now?” It’s a wonderful question. My first coach, Val Olson, gave it to me years ago. I’d spent an entire coaching session affirming my commitment to tenaciously […]

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