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Bedtime Reading Causes Writer’s Block

Many writers read in bed as part of our bedtime routine. We read until we’re tired, then it’s lights out. But if you read in bed by the glow of a Nook, Kindle, iPad or other device, you may find that you read and read and never really feel tired. Not until you have to […]

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When to Shift Your Brain Part 2

Two posts ago, we looked at how and why you need to shift from high to low prefrontal cortex to be creative, which left us with the question of when to shift brain states. The previous post reviewed what brain states are most effective in the first three of the six stages of the creative […]

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Do You Know How to Shift Your Brain to “Creative OverDrive”?

Remember that writing project that you stalled out on (or are currently stalled with)? The one you just couldn’t get any traction on because your brain is in neutral or reverse? Obviously, you need to shift gears to a creative brain state to get moving on that again. The trouble is there isn’t just one […]

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Please Participate in the Poll: Is PInterest Process?

For those of you who haven’t heard about it, PInterest is like making collages on your computer combined with show-and-tell. For those of you who are new to the blog, “Process” is creative play for the sake of play where outcomes are unimportant. Some people take to Process like ducks to water – others take […]

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You’re Invited!

Please Help Me Celebrate My New Book You’re invited to the AWB Launch Party on Saturday, August 4th! At the Open Book, 1011 Washington Avenue South, Minneapolis Open House with brain games, socializing and drawings for FREE copies of AWB begins at 6:00 pm. Reading at 7:00 pm with Reception (and more brain games and […]

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When Is It Time to Give up a Dream?

In the previous post, I assured you that if you have the tiniest bit of hope in a dream, it is NOT time to give up. So when it is time to let a dream go? Perhaps when the dream has gone unfulfilled for so long that you become disillusioned. Note that discouraged is not […]

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Reserve and Conserve

When your water supply is running low, you turn to your reserves in a water tower, reservoir or rain barrels. You get serious about using only what you must. When your creative well is tapped out, you can apply the Reserve and Conserve alternatives. Going to the Reserve Bank Some writers are smart enough to […]

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Seeing Again… and Again and Again

I’m delighted to introduce today’s Guest Author: Elizabeth Jarrett Andrew. Elizabeth is the author of Writing the Sacred Journey, Swinging on the Garden Gate, and On the Threshold: Home, Holiness, and Hardwood. I’ll give the rest of Elizabeth’s bio after she’s charmed you with the post (it’ll mean more to you then).  I just came […]

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Tricks of Tracking #3: Set, Ready, Go!

Your tracking system should highlight two questions: “What will I do?” (as you set your intention) and “What did I do?” (after you go into action). Even though your tracking system may not highlight it, the “ready” between the “set” and the “go” is equally important. Set Yourself! At the beginning of the week, set […]

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Stood Up!

Have you ever been stood up? Or waited so long for someone to show up for a date or meeting that you feared you were being stood up? At first, we get irritated, “Why is he always late?” Then we get nervous, “What if something happened to her?” Then we go back to being mad, […]

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