Brain Science for NaNoWriMo

Thanks for joining me at one of my “Brain Science for NaNoWriMo” classes at Hennepin County Library.

Class PowerPoint:  Brain Science for NaNoWriMo pdf


Recommended Books













Relevant Bane Of Your Resistance Posts

I’m giving you links to a few of the multitude of posts about the Three Habits (Process, Product Time and Self-care) that I think you will find most useful. Use the Search button to find more or to discover posts on other topics of interest (like Saboteur, Tracking, Stages of the Creative Process).

I publish every week or two. Give yourself one less thing to remember — subscribe to get an email telling you when new posts are published.

Brain Science

Three Habits                    

Tracking Series of Posts

Focus and Distraction Series of Posts

Feedback Series of Posts

Judgment Vs. Discernment

Saboteur Series of Posts

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