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How Far Do You Trust Your Intuition?

By Rosanne Bane Your emotional brain knows things your rational, logical cortex doesn’t. But can you trust your intuition, the things you “just know?” Should you? Here’s true story of a British naval officer who had to make that decision in a few tense moments during Desert Storm. Lieutenant Commander Michael Riley of the HMS […]

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Learning to See Again

By Rosanne Bane Writers have to read. Most of what we know as writers, we learned through absorption, by immersing ourselves in good fiction. Unfortunately, learning to read and write has seriously impaired your creativity. I’m not kidding about this. We’d all be more imaginative, creative writers if we’d never learned to read and write. […]

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Learning Not to See Part 2: Assumptions Trump Reality

I couldn’t see what was there, because I was so busy looking for something that wasn’t there and wasn’t going to be there. I assumed there would be another box. My assumptions and expectations made it impossible for me to see reality.
Talk about needing to think outside the box!

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Are You Willing to See?

The desire to avert our eyes, to not see, is at the heart of all resistance. I’ve resisted writing all week…because any writing requires that I not avert my eyes… and right now I’m trying to not see.

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