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Top 10 Reasons to Play

1.  Play is fun! We are designed to play; that’s why it’s fun, so we naturally want to engage in it. This should be reason enough. But a lot of us have been scarred (and scared) by the Puritan stigma against play and the false belief that real adults don’t do such frivolous things. So […]

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Announcements and an Itty-Bitty Brag

April 6 at 8:00 pm The Works Writing Salon I will present “What Was I Thinking: The Neurology of Writing Resistance or What the Hell Is Going on in My Brain When I Want to Write But Can’t” at Bryant-Lake Bowl in Minneapolis. The Works is “a lively ongoing conversation about writing…. Each night three writers […]

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The P-word

What a strange prejudice we have against play. But play is essential to creativity. If you’re feeling stuck with your writing, play is the prescription.

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Don’t Be Passive Part 2

How we use language (grammar) profoundly affects our perceptions of reality. Lori Lake’s guest post clarifies important grammar concepts and Rosanne Bane’s response highlights the significance of grammar to resolving writer’s resistance.

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Saboteur Alert: 2 Faces Doubled!

The Two Faces of the Saboteur have doubled. On second thought, I realized the Saboteur has more than two faces and just published the latest issue of Imagination InkLinks with the feature “Four Faces of the Saboteur.” A link to a PDF of the new article is provided.

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Openings and Opportunities

Openings and opportunities for writers who want accountability and encouragement to honor their commitments, reach their targets and accomplish goals.

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Two Faces of the Saboteur

Most writers think of the Saboteur as the harsh inner critic, but the softer, more seductive side of the Saboteur is far more insidious.

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