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Mom’s Writing Advice

One summer when I was ten or eleven, my mom gave me a solid piece of writing advice. But neither one of us recognized that’s what it was at the time. It started when I made the mistake of telling my mom, “I’m bored.” “Call Shirley,” she said, nicely enough considering she was undoubtedly working on […]

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Nothing Beats the Power of Nothing

In a previous post I suggested that sometimes the best thing to is nothing. I have new evidence for the power of “doing nothing.” Studies show that when rats experience something new, their brains create new patterns of activity. Nothing unexpected there, but here’s the kicker: to create a long-term memory, in other words, to really learn […]

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Mental Clutter

The inability to sustain focused attention for more than five minutes is often the result of mental clutter.

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Are You Addicted to Digital?

We are literally rewiring our brains in ways that make it increasingly difficult to sustain focused attention for more than a few minutes.
The dopamine hit we get from checking our electronic devices can be addictive and leave us feeling vaguely dissatisfied, restless and bored between hits.
But neither our technology nor our addictions define who we are. I will not surrender my power to choose where to focus my attention. How about you?

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