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Around the Writer’s Block Class Open for Enrollment

If you’ve enjoyed my blog or gleaned useful suggestions from it, you’re going to love the Around the Writer’s Block class!  This class will give you: A safe, supportive community with other writers who are ready to stop struggling with resistance and start writing the way they want Awareness of what’s happening in your brain […]

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E.P.’s Recipe for Reducing Resistance Part 2

It’s vital that you reward yourself for the behaviors you want to become part of your writing routine. Have fun with your rewards and you’ll have more fun – and success – with your writing!

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E.P.’s Recipe for Reducing Resistance

When the Mastering the Writing Habit teleclass and co-coaching group discussed the power of breaking big tasks into small, doable steps followed by rewards, Eileen P. posted these 4 simple steps for her Product Time on her office wall. (These are the 4 steps I mentioned in the Bigger Life Radio podcast that Jaime commented about.) […]

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Write What You Love, Not What You Know

Some writers don’t write because they don’t know what to write. For creativity’s sake, don’t wait until you know what to write – write to figure out what you think you might know and more importantly, what you don’t know yet. Don’t worry for one second about not knowing what to write.

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Plato or Play-Doh?

These quotes will demonstrate that no matter how stupid you fear your writing might be, it can’t begin to compare with the stupidity that’s already out there in the world. If you’re feeling stuck, try to write the stupidest, most sophomoric version of what you’re writing about.

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Today is my target date for completing Chapter 10 and I just did that an hour ago. That means the first complete draft of Around the Writer’s Block is done! It’s 217 pages long and weighs in at 62,400 words. I feel good, proud, satisfied, but not ecstatic. That, I guess, is the cost of working […]

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Are You a Secret Atomist?

I find it both amusing and disturbing when people say “It is what it is,” with a shrug that implies “That’s just the way I am, don’t expect me to change.” I suspect none of them realize they’re echoing the pre-Socratic Greek Atomists who believed “That which is, is, and cannot not be, and that […]

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