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Drop and Give Me 15!

Fifteen minutes of productive writing time that is. Turns out our creativity is intimately intertwined with our physical health and well-being. How wrong we were when we believed in the separation of body and brain. When I was a kid, the prevailing view was that not only were intelligence and physical prowess separate, they were […]

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Ready to Write?

In response to the latest poll, Michael K. requested posts on tracking and self-care, adding “It’s slightly possible that I’m having the most trouble with these myself.” Why Resist Self-Care? Michael is not alone. Questions about self-care came up during the Live Chat of my online Entering the Flow class this week and it’s a […]

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The Results Are In: Inside the Writer’s Brain We Go!

Thanks to everyone who voted for a section title to replace “Brain Factoids” in the upcoming Around the Writer’s Block: Using Brain Science to Solve Writer’s Resistance. The majority of you voted for “Inside the Writer’s Brain,” which is what I was leaning toward myself. So Inside the Writer’s Brain we go! What you’ll find […]

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Still Lazy After All These Years?

Some writers don’t realize that they’ve got writer’s resistance. They think they’re lazy or undisciplined, untalented or don’t really want to write. All of this is Saboteur-speak, the self-destructive lies we tell ourselves when we’re in the clutches of the Saboteur. It’s important to recognize resistance for what it is: natural, normal and most importantly, […]

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NaNo or Not, Here You Go!

Whether you’re gearing up for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), writing fiction in a more conventional timeframe, writing memoir or even poetry, you’re going to love the way this exercise generates ideas, images and words! Step 1. Find a new-to-you object. If you’re in a writer’s group, each member can bring a couple of objects […]

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Please Vote!

I want your opinion. My upcoming book, Around the Writer’s Block: Using Brain Science to Solve Writer’s Resistance, will include sections that show how relevant and useful it is for writers to understand the brain and neuroscience research. The information in these sections is tailored for readers who are writers like you, not scientists. I […]

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Writing Classes Worth Paying For

With all those free writing classes to choose from at the libraries, why pay for a class? Because multi-week Loft classes give you what the free ones can’t: consistency, continuity and more content. Consistent Practice Builds Habits You Can Count On My Writing Habit class, for example, gives you a chance to experiment and fine-tune […]

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More Free Writing Classes!

If you’ve wondered what the heck is going on in your brain when you want to write and can’t or don’t, you’re going to love this! I’m teaching a two-hour class called “Why Is It So Hard To Write Even When I Want To?”Absolutely free! This and two other classes I’m teaching at Scott County […]

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