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Focus Saves Creativity… and Goldfish!

Save a goldfish – stop trying to multitask! You’ll preserve your creativity, too. Multitasking is the antithesis of focus. I’ve listed my previous posts on multitasking below in case you haven’t read them all or want a refresher. If you are tempted to try to multitask just this once or get so busy you accidentally […]

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What Are You Thankful For?

As a writer, what do you give thanks for? Your computer? Teachers who taught you to read and write? Writers who inspire you? Your vision and the flexibility of your fingers and brain? Can you see how resistance, even full-fledged block, might be something to be thankful for? When we feel resistance, we both want […]

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Focus and Fifteen Magic Minutes

I’ve often proclaimed the power of short, regular writing sessions (see previous posts on 15 Magic Minutes, 10 Reasons to Show Up,or Initial Inertia). A small commitment eliminates anxiety and is therefore easier to honor. You’ll probably find, as so many of my students and coaching clients do, that showing up for 15 minutes gets […]

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Focus, People, Focus!

We live in a culture of sound bites, text messages, Tweets and bullet points. A Facebook status update or an email that’s longer three sentences raises our eyebrows and creates judgments about how long-winded the author is. There are times when brevity is the soul of wit, but there also times when brevity reveals the […]

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You Know What to Do (to Care for Your Writer Self and Eliminate Writer’s Block)

Self-care is recognizing what you need most and giving yourself that. In an appreciative inquiry, I asked the students in my Entering the Flow class to write about the good things they did for themselves as a writer in the past week. Because one of the key principles in appreciative inquiry (AI) is that we […]

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Mindful Eating = Mindful Writing

I just ate breakfast. Before you assume this is a self-absorbed, Tweet-style post, let me clarify: I only ate breakfast. I didn’t eat while reading my email or watching TV. I didn’t mindlessly swallow a bowlful of unnoticed food while reading the paper, a novel, magazine or Facebook. I didn’t get dressed between bites or […]

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What Writers Get Out of Meditation

Meditation – the third component of self-care – offers a host of benefits including reducing stress and reversing the ill effects of stress, improving mood, increasing creativity and reducing resistance. But one of the most significant benefits of meditation for writers is that it enhances empathy. Writers are in the empathy business. When we write prose, […]

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The Insomnia Cure for Writer’s Block

Insomnia: the frustrating and painful condition of wanting and needing to change your state of consciousness and being unable to do so. Writer’s Block: the frustrating and painful condition of wanting and needing to change your state of consciousness and being unable to do so. In both insomnia and writer’s block, you can’t make the […]

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NaNo or Not, You Need Your Sleep!

Whether you’ve just signed yourself up to write a novel in a month or you’re facing other writing challenges as we move into the winter holidays, you may be tempted to skimp on sleep so you can keep up with a schedule that always seems to get frenzied this time of year. Don’t! The sleep-deprived […]

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