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Tricks of Tracking #4: Focus on Facts

Detective Joe Friday knew how to track: Focus on facts. When you track Process, Self-Care and Product Time, keep your attention on two facts: “This is what I said I’d do. This is what I did.” One of the benefits of tracking is that the feedback allows you to recognize changes in your patterns and […]

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Tricks of Tracking #3: Set, Ready, Go!

Your tracking system should highlight two questions: “What will I do?” (as you set your intention) and “What did I do?” (after you go into action). Even though your tracking system may not highlight it, the “ready” between the “set” and the “go” is equally important. Set Yourself! At the beginning of the week, set […]

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Tricks of Tracking Christmas Eve Edition: Know What You’re Looking For

Here’s what we’re looking for today. Typically found on rooftops (click, click, click). When found on lawns, they are often accompanied by “such a clatter” that neighbors report they “sprang from their beds to see what was the matter.” Those who find these elusive tracks won’t necessarily receive everything they’ve asked for, but they may […]

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Tricks of Tracking #2: KISS

The second trick of tracking is KISS: Keep It Simple and Seen. The system you use for tracking needs to be simple, quick, easy to use and readily accessible. It could be a chart with gold stars on your office wall, a legal pad on your desk, a Moleskine notebook in your pocket (which admittedly […]

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Bright Solstice!

Let’s celebrate! We’re halfway through the dark! Winter starts today (for those of us in the northern hemisphere). Frigid winds will blow down from the arctic. The temps will drop. We’ll get snow and ice and more gloomy days than we wish. BUT, from this day forward, every day will be a little longer. The […]

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Avoid the Trap of Unrecognized Writing Resistance: Tricks of Tracking #1

If you’re surprised by how long it’s been since you spent time with your writing, you’ve fallen into the trap of unrecognized resistance. It’s an easy trap to fall into – you don’t write for a day or two, so you don’t track your writing for those days. Two days stretch into three or four […]

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Is Writer’s Resistance Secretly Stealing Your Creativity?

How could writer’s resistance steal your creativity without you knowing it? Doesn’t every writer who’s blocked know s/he is blocked? I’ll answer those questions with another: Have you ever gotten to the end of the week and suddenly realized you didn’t show up for Product Time (aka your writing), Self-Care or Process the way you […]

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Must. Show. Up. Must. Write. Something.

Yesterday I had food poisoning or 24-hour stomach flu and I didn’t even think about writing. I feel no guilt about that – the rule of thumb is that if you’d call in sick or take time off from a job where they pay you to show up, you skip Product Time for the day. […]

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Stood Up!

Have you ever been stood up? Or waited so long for someone to show up for a date or meeting that you feared you were being stood up? At first, we get irritated, “Why is he always late?” Then we get nervous, “What if something happened to her?” Then we go back to being mad, […]

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How to Play Today

Play invites us to pause the constant flurry of doing, which is so often a desperate search for meaning — and in that pausing, we remember our Being that is the true source of meaning. Play opens the door to beauty, joy, imagination and gratitude because it opens our hearts and our minds. Today is […]

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