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Who Said That?

“My Preciousssss.” “Book em Danno.” “What’s up Doc?” “Just the facts Mam.” “Live, from New York, it’s Saturday Night.” “D’oh!” “To be or not to be…” “How YOU doin?” Can you spot the two anomalies in these Catch Phrases? While you’re pondering that, I’ll distract your eye from the answers to that question, by identifying […]

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Process is Pretty Much Piddling

Pam McAlister, my friend, fellow writer and former student, sent an article from Southern Living with this observation; “I thought you might enjoy this little piece on piddling. Reminds me of my wrestling with what IS process and   what ain’t…” Because the author of the article, Rick Bragg, gives such a charming description of […]

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Seeing Again… and Again and Again

I’m delighted to introduce today’s Guest Author: Elizabeth Jarrett Andrew. Elizabeth is the author of Writing the Sacred Journey, Swinging on the Garden Gate, and On the Threshold: Home, Holiness, and Hardwood. I’ll give the rest of Elizabeth’s bio after she’s charmed you with the post (it’ll mean more to you then).  I just came […]

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Even More Hands-on Solution to Writer’s Block

Sometimes you need an even more hands-on solution to writing resistance than picking up a pen. Sometimes you need to back away, not just from the keyboard, but from words themselves, at least for a while. Borrowing from the storyboarding technique screenwriters use, Edwidge Danticat starts her novels with collages. After creating several collages, she […]

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Hands-on Solution for Writer’s Block

The hands-on solution to writer’s block (and other forms of writing resistance) is to literally get your hands on. Step away from the keyboard and pick up a pen. According to Newsweek “Brain scans show that handwriting engages more sections of the brain than typing.” These aren’t just any old sections of the brain being […]

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Don’t Just Reduce Resistance, Savor Life!

On New Year’s Eve, I walked a labyrinth while meditating on what I wanted to let go of and what I wanted to embrace in 2012. At first, I thought “I want to stop being so reactive. I want to respond to difficult people and situations with equanimity.” Then I thought “Equanimity is all well […]

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Beyond New Year Resolutions to New Year Vision

What’s your vision for your writing and the rest of your life in 2012? And not a boring, corporate-like planning and strategy session — a real vision. Sure you need to ask those logical, linear, pragmatic questions that the left hemisphere knows are important. But you also need to invite the right hemisphere to play […]

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Dancing with Your Eyes Open

As long as you feel resistance, you haven’t given up. If even the smallest part of you still wants to write, that crucial part isn’t willing to just dance through life.

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Abandon New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions are worse than a waste of time. Depending on what statistics and studies you look at, anywhere from 78% to 92% of the people who make resolutions fail to keep them. New Year Resolutions train you to break promises to yourself, which is the opposite of what writers who want to move […]

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