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Does Discipline Improve Writing or Increase Resistance?

When my next Writing Habit class starts on March 12th, about half the students will say they’re taking the class because they need more discipline or will power. Most of them will be relieved when I’ll tell them that we aren’t going to focus on discipline and will power in this class. “I’m not big […]

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A Stack of Cards: Guest Post by Susan Gaines Sevilla

One of my coaching clients is in an exciting and expansive place with her novel after years of feeling stuck. She has such wonderful insights, I asked her if she’d be willing to describe what’s working so well for her in a guest post. I’m honored and delighted to introduce you to Susan Gaines Sevilla, […]

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What’s Your Writing (Resistance) Story?

It’s not a new idea: I just heard it in a new way. In Oprah’s Next Chapter, life coach Tony Robbins says, “We are defined by the stories we tell ourselves… Is your story empowering you… or is your story causing you to fall short?” I wondered, “What story am I telling myself about my […]

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Sidestep Writer’s Resistance with the Willingness to Suck

I shared a Wall Poster on my Facebook page with the “Nobody tells this to people who are beginners…” quote from Ira Glass that’s making the rounds right now. If you’re getting started as a writer, the advice is right on target. If you’ve been writing awhile, it’s an excellent reminder. If you haven’t seen […]

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Get That Unicorn Out of Your Head and Into the Garden

If we, like James Thurber, don’t know when we’re not writing, why do so many of us have a nagging sense that we’re not doing enough? How can we always be writing, but never moving forward? If all James Thurber did was write in his head – if he never brought “The Unicorn in the […]

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Falling Into – And Out of – Writing

In an interview with The Paris Review, James Thurber said, “I never quite know when I’m not writing. “Sometimes my wife comes up to me at a party and says, ‘Dammit Thurber, stop writing.’ She usually catches me in the middle of a paragraph. Or my daughter will look up from the dinner table and […]

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Don’t Let Writer’s Resistance Stop You — Soldier On

Do you think you have to write something good, that if you’re going to take the time to sit down and write, you should produce something worthwhile? And by good, most of us mean perfect or almost perfect, logical, fascinating, funny, grammatically correct, sexy, grab-the-reader-by-the-throat thrilling, coherent, deep and wise and inspirational – despite the […]

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Destructivity Quiz

You’ve seen dozens of creativity quizzes (and probably scored very nicely on them), but have you ever seen a destructivity quiz? If  you did see one, would you take it? And how would you want to score? The unwillingness to see ourselves as destructive is a subtle, but significant, source of resistance. Because drafting is […]

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