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Crossword Brain Game Clue #5

1 Across is derived from the French word for “wooden shoe.” If crossword puzzles aren’t your thing, you’ll find other styles of puzzles for different Secret Codes at the AWB Facebook Page and in upcoming issues of my Imagination InkLinks creativity newsletter. Solve one secret code and your name is entered the drawing for free […]

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Did You Say You Have Writer’s Block? Watch Your Language!

You’re a writer; you know words have power. Words not only reflect reality, they create reality. Using whatever word comes to mind is a good strategy for first drafts. When you rewrite, you select words carefully and intentionally. But do you consciously select the words you use inside your own head? When was the last […]

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Crossword Brain Game Clue #4

Your last clue was that the letter “S” occurs in all three words of the Secret Code Crossword Puzzle. Your next clue is: No other letter is repeated in all three words (but three other letters repeat in two words). Remember: Solving the Secret Code Crossword Puzzle Brain Game means you get to enter your […]

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Silencing the Inner Critic – Guest Post by Kathy Keats

Agility is a wonderful source of surprising connections for me as a writer and coach (including finding a publisher for AWB at a dog agility trial.)  Kathy Keats is one of the marvelous people I’ve found through agility whose wisdom extends beyond agility. Kathy’s coaching applies to people who want to excel in any sport, […]

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Crossword Brain Game Clue #3

Congratulations to Michael K. for solving the crossword with just the first two clues! You can pick up your free copy of Around the Writer’s Block at the Book Launch Party on August 4. For the rest of you, here’s your third clue: Every word contains the letter “S”. Remember: Solving the Secret Code Crossword […]

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Please Participate in the Poll: Is PInterest Process?

For those of you who haven’t heard about it, PInterest is like making collages on your computer combined with show-and-tell. For those of you who are new to the blog, “Process” is creative play for the sake of play where outcomes are unimportant. Some people take to Process like ducks to water – others take […]

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Win a Free Copy of Around the Writer’s Block

Increase Your Chances Playing Brain Games You’ll find clues for a Secret Phrase Crossword Brain Game here on the Bane Of Your Resistance blog, clues for a Secret Phrase Word Jumble Brain Game on the AWB Facebook page, and clues for the third Secret Phrase Brain Game in upcoming issues of my free creativity newsletter […]

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You’re Invited!

Please Help Me Celebrate My New Book You’re invited to the AWB Launch Party on Saturday, August 4th! At the Open Book, 1011 Washington Avenue South, Minneapolis Open House with brain games, socializing and drawings for FREE copies of AWB begins at 6:00 pm. Reading at 7:00 pm with Reception (and more brain games and […]

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Waiting for Writer’s Block to Disappear?

What Are You Waiting For? Some wise anonymous person said “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning how to dance in the rain.” Are you waiting for inspiration? For that feeling of being caught up in the writing flow where it’s easy? Where you know exactly what to write? Where […]

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When Is It Time to Give up a Dream?

In the previous post, I assured you that if you have the tiniest bit of hope in a dream, it is NOT time to give up. So when it is time to let a dream go? Perhaps when the dream has gone unfulfilled for so long that you become disillusioned. Note that discouraged is not […]

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