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I Kid You Not!

I love it when synchronicity plops into my life! Last night I finished tweaking the “So I’m Not Blocked, I’m Frustrated, Now What?” post and scheduled it to publish at 7:00 am today. At 8:00 am today, I opened an email that says and I’m quoting word-for-word here: One thing I know for sure, Rosanne, […]

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So I’m Not Blocked, I’m Frustrated, Now What?

In my last post, we considered the possibility that frustration is not a symptom of writer’s block and that, as Johan Lehrer claims in Imagine, frustration is a necessary part of the creative process. So if you’re frustrated with time like I am or with something else and are willing to consider that this turmoil […]

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Is it Writer’s Block or Appropriate Frustration?

What if what you’ve always thought of as writer’s block or writing resistance is actually part of the process? Maybe the frustration you’ve felt wasn’t a sign that there was something wrong with you, maybe it was a sign to keep going. In Imagine, Jonah Lehrer highlights a part of the creative process some people […]

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