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If You Love to Write, Write!

Last time, I gave you a Radical Solution to Resistance, aka don’t do what you don’t want to do, as it applies to exercise. To effectively apply a Radical Solution to Writing Resistance, you need to know exactly what it is you don’t want to do. It’s probably something you associate with writing, not the […]

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Radical Solution to Resistance

When I recommend exercise as one of the five forms of Self-care that keep your brain creative, I’m frequently met with resistance. “I know I should exercise, but I don’t have time,” people tell me. If they’re really honest, they admit “I know exercise would be good for me, but I just hate it.” I […]

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Ready to Scare Yourself Silly?

Part of the reason Halloween is so fun is because we play around with scaring ourselves. The other part, obviously, is the free chocolate to boost your creativity. I can’t give you chocolate, but instead here’s a playfully scary question: What am I afraid of as a writer? Why? What else am I afraid of? […]

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Chocolate Cures Writer’s Block!

Feeling stuck? Avoiding your writing because you feel uninspired? You’re in luck! You have a reason to eat dark chocolate – and just in time for Halloween. Chocolate may be the most flavorful cure for writer’s resistance ever. Dark chocolate is a source of flavanols, which have been shown to improve both your coronary and […]

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The Risks of Playing It Safe

One of my agility trainers once commented, “If your dog does everything in class perfectly, you are failing.” I did a double-take. “Failing,” she explained, ”to challenge yourself and your dog often enough.” Are you challenging yourself as writer or are you playing it safe? What was the last big risk you took in your […]

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Master Resistance with Two Simple Commands Part 2

In the previous post, I promised that you can train your brain to follow two simple commands that will transform your writing no matter how resistant you are. The first was Sit-Stay. The second is: Pay Attention To a dog, Pay Attention means “look at me, make eye contact with me” (which is why some […]

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Master Resistance with Two Simple Commands

No matter how resistant you are – how much or how long you’ve been procrastinating, distracting yourself, doing anything but the writing you want or need to do – two simple commands will change everything. Well-trained dogs respond to these commands and you can train your brain to respond, too. Yes, I know people are […]

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Don’t Believe Everything You Think

The Unplugged Toaster When my mom was young, toasters weren’t particularly reliable or safe. They were rumored to have caught fire and burned people’s houses down. So my mom got in the habit of unplugging her toaster when she’s not using it. Fifty years later, toaster technology has significantly improved. Unless you have a toaster […]

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Get Ready for NaNoWriMo: Make October NaShoUpoWriMo!

In response to a previous post, Nasreen Fynewever wrote: “I am leaving a comment to hold myself accountable to print the guides your book Around the Writer’s Block encourages us to use. I am also gently reminding the multitude of writers, like me, who are reading your words, nod our heads, and then fail to […]

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