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Do Real Writers Get Writer’s Block?

Is writer’s block, as one writer described it in a LinkedIn discussion forum, nothing more than “a psychosomatic illness which afflicts wannabe writers or poseurs”? Is this a fair assessment or the equivalent of a man who’s never seen combat declaring “Shell shock, battle fatigue, PTSD, whatever you call it, is the refuge of cowards […]

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What Do You Want More of in Your Writing?

Even though there’s a risk in publishing a blog about writer’s resistance, I’m grateful for the opportunity to exchange ideas with talented writers like you. The risk? In a nutshell, we get more of what we focus our attention on. According to extensive social science research in the field of Appreciative Inquiry, what we expect […]

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Do You Love Writing… Or Are You In Love With Writing?

Are you passionately in love with writing or are you and your writing an old, married couple? When you’re in love, you tingle with passion, desire, excitement. Every moment is an opportunity to discover another fascinating detail about your beloved. Even the risk of being disappointed, rejected or broken-hearted is thrilling. When you love, you’re […]

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Weird Ways to Get Rid of Writer’s Block and Resistance

The next time you have a weird dream that makes no sense, celebrate! The brain practices what we need to learn and/or remember while we sleep. Nonsensical dreams are your brain’s way of practicing stepping beyond the limits of rational thinking. Of course your rational, practical mind wants to call that kind of thinking “illogical” […]

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Housetraining Your Writing

Nothing demonstrates the Poop Principle better than housetraining – your puppy or your writing. When you get a puppy, you know the poop side of the Love-to-Poop ratio is going to be high. For a while it seems like all you do is take the puppy outside or regret not taking the puppy outside! Fortunately, […]

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Please Vote!

Every voice matters! At the polls and in our writing. We all have threads to weave into the tapestry of life. When we share what we’ve been given to share, the tapestry is stronger and richer. We need every voice. Even, maybe especially, the voices we don’t agree with…    

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Keep the Poop Principle and Writer’s Block in Their Place

The previous post invited you to write your Writer’s Poop List of the things you don’t love about being a writer. So why do we deal with all this s**t? Why do I pick up what a friend euphemistically calls “recycled dog food”? Because I love my dogs and that is part of having dogs […]

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Poop Principle Prevents Writer’s Block

The wisdom of the “Do What You Love, Love What You Do” principle needs to be complimented by the awareness that sometimes you have to do what you don’t love to do so you can keep doing what you do love to do. I call it the Poop Principle, which states that in any endeavor, […]

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