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Dream the Ideal Balance of Outline and Draft

The three previous posts highlight the importance of scouting your route without over-scouting it. You want the benefits of knowing where you’re going so you don’t lay down tracks that keep leading you in the wrong direction without getting trapped in over-analysis, spending more time scouting than you do skiing/writing. If you fail to scout, […]

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But Don’t Over-scout the Route

The previous two posts highlighted the dangers of pushing off a ski slope or a writing project without knowing where you’re going. But there is such a thing as knowing too much. Imagine that after you untangle your skies and trudge back to the top of the hill, you see other skiers discussing your disastrous […]

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Why Skiers and Writers Need to Scout the Route the Second Time

The previous post left you tangled up in your skies after you narrowly escaped the disaster of falling off the cliff only to crash into the smaller disaster of the spruce trees. This was your first draft. You pushed off too eagerly before you scouted the route. But hey, that’s what first drafts are supposed […]

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Why Skiers and Writers Need to Scout the Route

Imagine you’re a cross-country skier pushing to get up a hill. The sky is dazzling blue, the air is crisp and you’re dressed perfectly for the weather. Your right boot is pinching your baby toe, but that minor irritation fades as you reach the top of the hill and look out at a wide expanse […]

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Lower the Bar to Reduce Resistance

In just 1 minute and 10 seconds, Michelle May shares advice that can transform your resistance to exercise: lower the bar.   The same philosophy is at the heart of the 15 Magic Minutes technique you can use to eliminate your resistance to writing, exercise or anything else you have a push-pull, “I want to […]

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It’s Okay to Slip… Just Don’t Stop

Last Thursday in the Twin Cities was one of those weird weather days with rain in January. The roads were wet, but not icy when I drove to Common Good Books to deliver a writer’s workshop/reading. I parked just off the alley on a significant incline and didn’t see that the rain there had frozen. […]

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Psssttt… Wanna Know a Secret?

Wanna know why you shouldn’t waste your time with New Year’s resolutions? Wanna find out what will really improve your writing life? Meet me tonight, January 10, at Common Good Books in St. Paul from 7 to 8 pm for a free writer’s workshop/reading. I’ll explain why New Year’s resolutions are bad for writers (and […]

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Are You a Creative Super-Conductor?

Many writers share the awareness that when we’re at our very best, the writing comes, not so much from us, as through us. We are a channel that creative energy flows through. What we call the source of that creative flow varies: the Divine, the Universe, your muse, the life force, the Great Mystery. This […]

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When Bad Is Better

Question: When is bad writing better than good writing? Answer: When wanting to write something good means you don’t write at all. When you’re polishing a piece of writing into the final manuscript, you want to select each word with deliberate precision. This is the time to fine tune the rhythm and tone of each […]

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