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Most Common — and Least Suspected — Cause of Writer’s Block and Resistance

What can put a writer who is engaged, excited, committed and making real progress into a tailspin that leaves her/him deflated, defeated, demotivated and questioning if s/he can finish this piece and if s/he should write at all? What can push a courageous writer away from a topic or particular piece of writing s/he was […]

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Journaling Your Way Out of Writer’s Block Part 2

The previous post introduced the idea of keeping an appreciative journal where you focus on the positive and on what’s working well in your writing and your life. How to Write an Appreciative Journal Focus on observable facts and state them without judgment. Write about what you’re doing and what’s happening in specific, factual statements, […]

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Journaling Your Way Out of Writer’s Block

Do you keep a writer’s journal for any of these reasons: warm-up before writing something else drain your brain of miscellaneous thoughts that would otherwise interfere with your writing keep track of progress on a particular project practice the craft of writing store great ideas and images for future use give future English majors insights […]

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Tellin’ Ellen How to Move Around the Writer’s Block

Thanks Ellen King-Rodgers for the opportunity to share my passion about how brain science can solve writer’s resistance on the Tellin’ Ellen show on Yellowstone Public Radio! Here’s the link:

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Keeping Your Writer’s Brain at Creative Optimum

Writers must be creative; it’s create or die (at least inside). In your pursuit of creativity, your brain is your most important asset. How well do you maintain it? Take this Self-care Assessment to find out. Downtime: The brain requires rest to retain what it learns. Dr. Loren Frank, assistant professor of physiology at the […]

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Why Habits Work When Discipline and Will Power Won’t

“I need more discipline.” “When it comes to my writing, I just don’t have the will power I need.” When students in my Loft classes say something like this – and at least one or two always do – nearly every other student nods in agreement. “I’m not big on discipline,” I tell them and […]

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What’s the Difference Between Process and Prouct Time Writing?

“I spent 15 minutes journaling last night. Is that Process or Product Time?” “I started out just freewriting, but ended up with a character sketch. Do I count that as Process or Product Time?” There are times when the lines between Process and Product Time can get hazy. It may not matter what you call […]

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Blocked Because You’ve Got Nothing?

A primary source of resistance is the assumption that you should be thinking, feeling or doing something you aren’t. You think you need the perfect space to write, but where you are is anything but perfect. You think you should be excited with new ideas and inspired by brilliant insights, but you are dull-eyed and […]

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