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I’m Going International! Wanna Come Along?

On May 9, I’ll travel (virtually, not literally) across the pond to the UK as a guest of the IACCW – International Association of Conscious and Creative Writers – to talk about What Conscious Writers Need to Know About Writer’s Block. Join Julia McCutchen and me at the live teleseminar (16:00 BST/11:00 am EST/10:00 am […]

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Do You Know Who NOT to Ask for Feedback?

Sometimes we get so caught up in the desire for response to our writing, we forget to screen the sources of that feedback. But all readers are not equal. Find Readers Who Are Right for Your Writing When asking for feedback, choose people whose opinions you respect and who have the experience, interest and emotional […]

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Collage Your Way Out of Resistance and Into Writing

[Note: We’ll return to the Feedback series after this short break.] Can’t get the words on the page? Try putting pictures there first. As I mentioned in a previous post, Edwidge Danticat creates collages to find her way into a novel. She says “I like the tactile process. There’s something old-fashioned about it, but what […]

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Seven Levels of Writing Feedback

Previous posts have identified inappropriate feedback as a cause of writer’s block (or  other forms of resistance) and established that the writer should determine what level and type of feedback her/his writing receives. What you need now is a common understanding of what to call different levels of feedback with other writers you exchange feedback […]

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Do You Know What Your Writing Needs?

When a piece of writing is “hot,” that is, when it’s fresh from your imagination onto the screen or page, you don’t really want or need critique. Like a cake just out of the oven, a new piece of writing will lose its shape and flavor if it’s poked at too soon. The level of […]

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How to Avoid Wrecking Ball Feedback

In response to the previous post, “Feedback Should Be a Crystal Ball, Not a Wrecking Ball,” Paige McKinney observed, “Sometimes wrecking balls seem magnetic, and once they’ve hit, a writer’s stuck. Any advice on how to let go or fight the pull?” I’ll talk about how to recover from “feedback fallout” – writer’s block and […]

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Feedback Should Be a Crystal Ball, Not a Wrecking Ball

Judy Reeves, author of Writing Alone, Writing Together, offered this comment to my first post about feedback: “Thanks for this post, Rosanne. I know from personal experience how criticism can do harm, but I also know critique is valuable to me as a writer and to those writers I work with. I wanted to pass […]

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The Problem with Praise or How Good Intentions Can Cause Writer’s Block

You’d think that praise would be the one form of feedback that always benefits the person receiving it, but it’s not. As Charity pointed out in a comment, “I have a long and varied (and sometimes painful) relationship with feedback. Oddly enough, even praise has paralyzed me. I end up thinking: ‘Well, no way I […]

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