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Bless Your Agony – It Will Lead You to Write

It helps to surrender yourself to the story (poem, essay, script, etc.) early in the day when your creative energy is highest. You won’t get all of the story out, but your unconscious will trust you to return tomorrow and so won’t find it necessary to send you agony signals the rest of the day. […]

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Is Your Writing Brain Waiting to Exhale?

Imagine trying to run a race when your lungs can only inhale. Carbon dioxide would build up in your body. First, you’d feel drowsy, then your heart rate and blood pressure would spike. As carbon dioxide increased, you’d become confused, dizzy, short of breath. Eventually, your vision would fail, you’d lose consciousness and your muscles […]

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Take a Creative Leap – You Have Wings!

Be like the bird that, Pausing in her flight Awhile on boughs too slight, Feels them give way beneath her, And yet sings, Knowing she hath wings. – Victor Hugo What creative leap have you been thinking about? Starting a new piece of writing? Going public with your writing in a blog or querying a […]

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New Book Update: Loving Eyes Are Not Blind

Last September, I promised myself I would return to my Essential Path novel in January. My plan was to follow the advice I gave a client: read the entire novel without judgment, without making notes, noticing only what I love about the novel. I wouldn’t start thinking about what was working and what needed tweaking […]

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Writing Your Future Self

What changes in your brain and your writing do you anticipate as you age? Do you think your creative brain will be like a fine wine that gets better with age or more like grapes that shrivel and eventually rot? Be careful, your expectations will affect your experiences. Chances are, the younger you are, the […]

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Creative Trust Fall

When you start writing, it may seem like you’re just sitting in a chair. What you’re really doing is crossing your arms over your chest, closing your eyes and letting yourself fall backwards into the unknown. Every time you sit down to write, you take the trust fall. Before we start, writers don’t know how […]

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Time to Be Brave Again

I was sitting on the couch last night with about a hundred pages of my novel manuscript sitting next to me. Officially, I set the novel aside five years ago so I could focus on Around the Writer’s Block. Unofficially, I set it aside because I didn’t know how to move forward without risking more […]

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Cancel Resolutions and Rebuild Trust to Reduce Writer’s Resistance

My previous post showed you why New Year’s Resolutions are dangerous for writers. So cancel any resolutions you may have made and read on…. Breaking promises to yourself damages your trust in yourself, increases resistance and makes it harder to do what will work for your writing. Norman Mailer points out in The Spooky Art: […]

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Beyond New Year’s Resolutions to New Year’s Vision

Today’s post has migrated to the Loft Literary Center’s “Writer’s Block” blog. Please read Part 1 first so you’ll know why you want to forget about resolutions before you read Part 2 to learn how to move into New Year’s Vision. And while you’re there, check out the Loft staff’s creative ideas for the New Year.

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Is Your Writing Practice Sustainable?

Are you starving the Golden Goose? As I wrote in Around the Writer’s Block, “Your creative genius is the goose that lays the golden eggs. If you, like the shortsighted farmer in the fable, don’t care for the goose, you’ll never see another golden egg…” To make your writing practice sustainable, you must care for […]

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