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Are You Too Smart for Writer’s Block?

Writer’s block as I define it – a persistent paralysis of wanting and needing to write but being unable to eke out the words – is rare. Blocked writers are dogged in their pursuit. They will endure hours of the mental agony of being unable to do what they most want to do, believing they […]

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Is Writer’s Block a Confabulation of Your Imagination?

The left hemisphere of the cortex, where your language centers reside, is a fabulous storyteller. You make up more stories than you know. Unfortunately, some of the stories you make up can get in the way of doing the writing you want to do. When the cortex doesn’t know why you did something – and […]

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New Book Update: Sputtering On

When I switch from one stage to another in the writing process, I sputter like an old engine that’s not firing all cylinders. At the start of the year, I struggled to start reading my (previously abandoned) novel. But once I coaxed my mind to shift gears, I found my reading rhythm and chugged along. […]

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Where Does Your Writing Belong? And Does Not Knowing Cause Writer’s Block?

Do you question where your writing is going, what genre and sub-genre it belongs in, if it’s good enough? Do you question your writing because you’re resistant or are you resistant because you question your writing? Do you remember why you wanted to write back when you first entertained the idea? I started writing because […]

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Is the “Efficiency Trap” Blocking Your Writing?

When someone recommends a book, I go to my library’s website. Some books I can download immediately; I request the others be sent to my local branch. When I get an email informing me that the requested book has arrived, I stop on my way home for the Y. I find my book on the […]

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Is Your Writing Blocked or Have You Run Out of Random?

About a month ago, I stumbled on a stand-up routine by Amy Schumer. I learned something from Amy about women her age that I wouldn’t have learned anywhere else. My mouth fell open. “Really?” I said this out loud even though there was no one else in the room. “Seriously?” Thanks to Amy Schumer, random […]

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Sweet Cure for Writer’s Block

Feeling stuck? Avoiding your writing because you feel uninspired? You’re in luck! You have a reason to eat dark chocolate – and just in time for Valentine’s Day. Chocolate may be the most flavorful cure for writer’s resistance ever. Dark chocolate is a source of flavanols, which have been shown to improve both your coronary […]

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