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What’s Missing In Your Writing?

A pen, a pad of paper, a computer. What else could a writer need? Feeling stuck, blocked or resistant often comes from not having what you need. Your resistance is there because something important isn’t. You need something to move your writing forward: it might be reassurance, support, time, training, experience, tools. Looking for a […]

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Three Myths that Cause Writer’s Block

This morning while I walked the dogs in the park, a young man sat on a park bench playing riffs on his trumpet. Because I’m an introvert, I often have more involved conversations with strangers in my head than I do in reality. In my head, I said, “I used to play trumpet. But I’m […]

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New Book Update: An Unexpected Breakthrough

Kudos to me! I reached my target to create a scene card for every scene in the novel I’m revising. The pile of index cards is over an inch high. I wanted to complete this stage in August because it’s an exercise I’ll ask students to do in my new online Revisiting the Flow class. […]

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Only the Good Get Blocked

Come on Virginia Woolf, don’t make me wait, Perfect writers start much too late. I’d rather laugh with the hacks than languish with the saints, To the hacks, fans have flocked, You know that only the good get blocked. (Apologies to Billy Joel) I am a fan of Robert Olen Butler. I’ve recommended From Where […]

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What a Surfing Pig Can Teach Writers

I promise to connect the surfing pig with writing resistance via the intriguing tangents I’m about to lead you through. When I was a kid, I hated going to bed. I especially hated going to bed in the summer when it was still light outside. I was the youngest kid, so I was supposed to […]

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Questions are the Answer for Writers Who Resist Research and Writers Who Can’t Stop

Because writers who resist research often have only a vague idea of what they’re looking for, the task overwhelms them. They don’t know what they’re looking for, so they don’t know how to start, where to go looking, or when to stop. Writers who get in stuck research, on the other hand, are so engaged […]

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Writers Who Resist Research and Writers Who Can’t Stop

Writers who don’t like research often don’t know how to start. Writers who love research often don’t know when to stop. Paradoxically, the solution is the same for both types. Stuck in the Research Some writers say they get stuck in the research because they love it. Whether they know it or not, many writers […]

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