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Want to Write More? You Need to Play More!

Not that you need it, but I give you my permission to play. I invite you to play. I encourage you to play. Here’s why: What you really need is your own permission. I predict that if you write a permission slip to play, you’ll find it easier to write everything else. Let me know […]

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New Book Update: How Potato Chip Chapters Made My Novel Leaner

In January, I returned to working on the actual manuscript of my novel. [In previous posts, I reviewed how I added new scene cards to my novel and used a Word table to restructure the novel at the level of those scenes.] As I added scenes featuring Kat, my new POV character, I read the […]

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What Must We Be in Want Of? Guest Post by Cia McAlarney

When Cia McAlarney, one of my coaching clients, shifted a Jane Austen quote to reflect our current obsession with electronics and what it does to us as writers, I knew I wanted to feature her insights on the topic in this guest post. Cia is editor of the Riverdale Hamlet Hub, an online news service. […]

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Make Writing as Easy as Brushing Your Teeth

It’s all about the habit…

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