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GEMO Ends Writer’s Resistance

What’s GEMO? a) Tickle Me Elmo’s cousin b) a command for sled dogs meaning go right (Gee) even more (Mo) c) a motto that will get your writing unstuck and keep you moving If you answered c, you’re correct. If you answered a, you’re going to have a hard time finding GEMO at ToysRUs. If […]

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Goldilocks Your Way through Resistance to Write Your Novel or Memoir

Too much structure or structure applied too soon in the writing process can weaken a novel or memoir by making it all head and no heart, all lines and logic with no curves and imagination. Resistance sets in because it was your imagination and heart that called you to write in the first place. If […]

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Two Ways through Writer’s Block

When you’re stuck or notice that you’re resisting your writing time, you have two alternatives: pay attention or daydream. Which should you choose? Depends on what you’ve been doing lately. We have two different attentional states: focused attention, officially called the Central Executive mode, and daydreaming or the Mind-Wandering Mode. (more about two attentional states […]

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Brainy Writers Seek Uncertainty to Solve Resistance

Don’t know where you’re going? Excellent! Not sure how you’ll get there? Outstanding! On your way anyway? Kudos! Know everything? My condolences. Resistance is caused by fear. And fear of the unknown is the biggest fear of all. But it’s not not knowing that causes problems, it’s the fear of not knowing. At the heart […]

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