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Exiting the Land of Guilt: Guest Post by Janet Brook

Janet Brook, writing as J.L. Brook, is the author of Trickster’s Wind a Young Adult Fantasy about magic, mayhem and chaos, three words that describe her writing journey as well. Hoping to inspire other writers to persevere, she shares how she overcame roadblocks with persistence and short drives (aka baby steps). I learned to sabotage […]

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Bust Writer’s Block with the Adult Coloring Craze

Process is a best-seller! The new craze of adults coloring with crayons and markers offers the added bonus of reducing resistance and releasing creativity. Coloring, my favorite way to do Process, was the topic of a New York Times article announcing that millions of adults around the world are getting out their crayons to color […]

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New Book Update: Novel Revision Is in the Ballpark

You might encouraged and happy to know there are long stretches of working on a big writing project when all is calm, all is bright.

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Fight Prolonged Resistance with Prolonged Persistence: Guest Post by Sammi Soutar

Sammi Soutar, former business owner and investigative journalist, has taught creative writing and facilitated writers’ groups and roundtables. She is currently revising her first novel and tells me she keeps a copy of Around the Writer’s Block with her at all times. But that’s not why I invited her to share this post with us. […]

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Why Not Let Your Mind Wander? TEDx Talk

What do you think? Did I and my fellow presenters nail our TEDx Talks? Find all ten presentations on TEDx Mahtomedi’s website and let me know which are your favorites. My mission was to explain why letting your mind wander free-range without agenda or distractions is essential to creativity, how the proliferation of ever-present electronic […]

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