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Pick Up Your Pen and Put Down Writer’s Block

It may be that what you think of as writer’s block or resistance is simply the result of forsaking writing by hand. To support that conclusion, I wanted to quote at least half of a NYT article about how losing handwriting affects learning and brain function. I decided instead to simply send you there to […]

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Neither Twisted Writer or Blocked Writer – Dreaming Writer

In a comment on a previous post, Judy Westergard wrote that her readers are the darlings she needs to kill to give herself freedom to write what needs to be written. Most writers, when they talk about killing their darlings, are referring to particular lines or passages that they just love, but that don’t really […]

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Twisted Writer or Blocked Writer: How Much Is Enough?

My previous post raised questions about hurting fictional characters: Do you question yourself about your willingness to write the scenes where people are going to get hurt? Do you stop short of where the story needs to go because you’re afraid of what others will think of you? How do you know when you’ve gone […]

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Twisted Writer or Blocked Writer? Which One Do You Want to Be?

T.R. realized she was resistant to writing because she was reluctant to hurt a character and “take him apart.” The unwillingness to make characters suffer is a common source of writing resistance. Unwillingness to make real people suffer in real life is what separates us from sociopaths. In memoir, personal essays and other creative nonfiction, […]

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