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Did You Say You Have Writer’s Block? Watch Your Language!

You’re a writer; you know words have power. Words not only reflect reality, they create reality. Using whatever word comes to mind is a good strategy for first drafts. When you rewrite, you select words carefully and intentionally. But do you consciously select the words you use inside your own head? When was the last […]

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Master Writer’s Block: What Masterpiece Theatre Teaches Us about Writing Resistance

I’ll admit it: I’m a fan of Masterpiece Theatre’s Downton Abbey. I suppose if I’m going to publicly admit I watch TV, Masterpiece is the one to admit to – it’s literature, after all. I’m not just confessing to unburden myself; I promise this applies to writing and writing resistance. If you’re a fellow fan, […]

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Does Discipline Improve Writing or Increase Resistance?

When my next Writing Habit class starts on March 12th, about half the students will say they’re taking the class because they need more discipline or will power. Most of them will be relieved when I’ll tell them that we aren’t going to focus on discipline and will power in this class. “I’m not big […]

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Why We Resist Feedback (and Why and How to Stop)

In response to my recent post about the David Brooks “Modesty Manifesto” video, Rachel V. commented: “I think I see a lack of modesty in my writing when I feel unwilling to change something (like a scene or dialogue) that doesn’t work for my reader. Even if I know that my readers are giving me […]

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Recommendation: David Brooks Delivers a Modesty Manifesto at Aspen Ideas Festival

New York Times columnist David Brooks is a writer worthy of respect, a writer to emulate. Brooks consistently sifts through a vast array of research from credible sources, combines and interprets facts to create new insight and wisdom, and then wraps that intelligence with delightful humor that engages his audience. I highly recommend his book […]

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Keep Writer’s Block at Bay by Keeping Writing Something You Get to Do Part 1

This blog is two years old today and I’m so glad I get to write it today. (Mini-brag: for two years, I published at least one post per week, which was my commitment when I started. Hooray for me!) How often do you talk about writing as something you “get to do today”? When you […]

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Does Your Writer’s Block Rely on a Digital Trance?

Is there a real difference between a creative flow state (while writing or engaged in any other creative activity) and being lost in a digital trance (which could include being absorbed by TV, emails, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, shopping, etc.)? For most of us, the digital trance is so close to what we’re really looking for in the flow state, we keep going there, hoping that this time it’ll be all we need without enduring the risk and fear that come with surrendering to the flow. What happens in the brain with addiction and resistance are very different processes. But the search for something that’s almost what you need is remarkably similar.

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Respect the Wisdom of Resistance So You Can Move Past It

Respecting the wisdom of your writing resistance means accepting that the resistance is there for a reason. It also means knowing that real problems have real solutions. If there is a reason to be resistant, there’s a way around it.

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Saboteur Alert: 2 Faces Doubled!

The Two Faces of the Saboteur have doubled. On second thought, I realized the Saboteur has more than two faces and just published the latest issue of Imagination InkLinks with the feature “Four Faces of the Saboteur.” A link to a PDF of the new article is provided.

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Two Faces of the Saboteur

Most writers think of the Saboteur as the harsh inner critic, but the softer, more seductive side of the Saboteur is far more insidious.

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