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Why Dogs Make Us Better Writers

One year ago today, I said goodbye to Blue, aka Boo Boo Blue, Princess Abooboo, Bluester and so many more silly names. Grief fades, love endures. And yet, all I have to give you in a post today is a reminder (repost) of why opening yourself to this kind of grief is essential for writers. […]

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Top Ten Reasons Dogs Are a Writer’s Best Friend

1.  Dogs remind us to play. Especially as puppies, dogs know that play is the best way to explore the world. If you need a reminder about the value of play, check out the Top 10 Reasons to Play. 2.  Training a dog gives you practical lessons in how to reward and motivate yourself to keep […]

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2010 in review

Since I encourage my coaching clients to celebrate their wins and breakthroughs for 2010 before envisioning what they want to accomplish in 2011, I thought I’d share this Blog Review that WordPress was kind enough to send me. You might be surprised by some of the stats — I know I was surprised and gratified […]

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