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Writing Your Best is Your Worst Idea

  “The best is oftentimes the enemy of the good; and many a good book has remained unwritten… because there floated before the mind’s eye the ideal of a better or a best.” – R. C. Trench, 1861 In 1861, people had the luxury of contemplating ideas in elegant language like this. Today, we consume […]

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GEMO Ends Writer’s Resistance

What’s GEMO? a) Tickle Me Elmo’s cousin b) a command for sled dogs meaning go right (Gee) even more (Mo) c) a motto that will get your writing unstuck and keep you moving If you answered c, you’re correct. If you answered a, you’re going to have a hard time finding GEMO at ToysRUs. If […]

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Resisting Your Writing? It’s GEMO Time!

“There’s over 14,000 related images on ShutterStock! I don’t know where to begin.” One of my coaching clients is creating a new blog and feeling overwhelmed by design choices, title choices, topic choices. I commiserated. I confessed that when I select images for the personalized postcards I create for her and my other clients each […]

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