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Do You Know Who NOT to Ask for Feedback?

Sometimes we get so caught up in the desire for response to our writing, we forget to screen the sources of that feedback. But all readers are not equal. Find Readers Who Are Right for Your Writing When asking for feedback, choose people whose opinions you respect and who have the experience, interest and emotional […]

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Seven Levels of Writing Feedback

Previous posts have identified inappropriate feedback as a cause of writer’s block (or  other forms of resistance) and established that the writer should determine what level and type of feedback her/his writing receives. What you need now is a common understanding of what to call different levels of feedback with other writers you exchange feedback […]

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Do You Know What Your Writing Needs?

When a piece of writing is “hot,” that is, when it’s fresh from your imagination onto the screen or page, you don’t really want or need critique. Like a cake just out of the oven, a new piece of writing will lose its shape and flavor if it’s poked at too soon. The level of […]

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