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Do You Know Who NOT to Ask for Feedback?

Sometimes we get so caught up in the desire for response to our writing, we forget to screen the sources of that feedback. But all readers are not equal. Find Readers Who Are Right for Your Writing When asking for feedback, choose people whose opinions you respect and who have the experience, interest and emotional […]

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The Problem with Praise or How Good Intentions Can Cause Writer’s Block

You’d think that praise would be the one form of feedback that always benefits the person receiving it, but it’s not. As Charity pointed out in a comment, “I have a long and varied (and sometimes painful) relationship with feedback. Oddly enough, even praise has paralyzed me. I end up thinking: ‘Well, no way I […]

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Most Common — and Least Suspected — Cause of Writer’s Block and Resistance

What can put a writer who is engaged, excited, committed and making real progress into a tailspin that leaves her/him deflated, defeated, demotivated and questioning if s/he can finish this piece and if s/he should write at all? What can push a courageous writer away from a topic or particular piece of writing s/he was […]

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