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What Writers Need Even More than Creative Leaps

We all seek the next big “A-ha” moment. We yearn for grand and glorious creative leaps. Those flashes of inspiration reassure us that we’re on the right path. And they feel so good. A flash of creative insight might look like a huge, spontaneous leap of intuition, but that big, gratifying “A-ha!” is always preceded […]

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What’s Your Writing Mountain?

Your big writing dream – a novel, short story collection, memoir, screenplay, chapbook, publishing a piece in a publication you admire or consistently posting to your blog – is your mountain. You can spend all your time staring up at the mountain, marveling at how high it is, how dangerous the weather looks, how amazing […]

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One Giant Leap for Writing, One Small Step for Writers

Resistance and overwhelm are old friends. Nothing can freeze the creativity right out of your brain or send you running away from your writing in search of a distraction, any distraction, as fast as contemplating the enormity and complexity of a big writing project. The bigger the dream, the bigger the resistance. But there’s an […]

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