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Reserve and Conserve

When your water supply is running low, you turn to your reserves in a water tower, reservoir or rain barrels. You get serious about using only what you must. When your creative well is tapped out, you can apply the Reserve and Conserve alternatives. Going to the Reserve Bank Some writers are smart enough to […]

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Can I Borrow a Cup of Inspiration?

Another solution suggested for the dry well problem (which we looked at in previous posts) is to beg, borrow or steal water/writing. Or as I prefer to think of it: invite, cite and rewrite. Invite: Come On In, The Writing Is Fine The point of begging is to get something for nothing because you’re perceived […]

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Can You Dig Your Way Out of a Creative Dry Spell?

In the previous post, I observed that sometimes resistance is not so much a tangible obstacle as it is an absence of creative inspiration, energy and initiative. Following the metaphor of a dry well, the solutions we would take if our water source disappeared can tell us what to do to restore our creative wellspring. […]

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The “What If” Cure For Writer’s Block

Imagine you depend on a well for all your water. What would you do if that well ran dry? How many alternative solutions can you think of?” That’s the question I posed to the writers attending a First Pages workshop last Saturday. (First Pages are FREE writing workshops co-sponsored by the Loft Literary Center and […]

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