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Is Writer’s Block in the Forest or the Trees?

The next time you feel resistance or writer’s block, notice where your attention is. It’s not a question of whether you’re paying attention – you’re always paying attention to something. It’s a question of what you’re attending to and what kind of attention you’re using. Flavors of Attention I used to think attention is attention […]

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Today is my target date for completing Chapter 10 and I just did that an hour ago. That means the first complete draft of Around the Writer’s Block is done! It’s 217 pages long and weighs in at 62,400 words. I feel good, proud, satisfied, but not ecstatic. That, I guess, is the cost of working […]

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Are You a Secret Atomist?

I find it both amusing and disturbing when people say “It is what it is,” with a shrug that implies “That’s just the way I am, don’t expect me to change.” I suspect none of them realize they’re echoing the pre-Socratic Greek Atomists who believed “That which is, is, and cannot not be, and that […]

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