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In Memory of Ann Marsden

I regret to say I didn’t know Ann Marsden. I wasn’t conscious of her work, although I’m sure I’ve seen many of her photos. A coaching client brought her to my attention and sent me a link to a Creative Minds video of Ann talking about her creative process. It’s surreal to watch a video […]

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More Free Writing Classes!

If you’ve wondered what the heck is going on in your brain when you want to write and can’t or don’t, you’re going to love this! I’m teaching a two-hour class called “Why Is It So Hard To Write Even When I Want To?”Absolutely free! This and two other classes I’m teaching at Scott County […]

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If It Works for a Famous Writer, Shouldn’t It Work for Me?

We need to understand how the creative process really works. And since few of us get a decent education in that, we often look to famous authors to be our role models. We assume that whatever works for a famous writer should work for every writer. If Stephen King writes 2,500 words a day, 365 […]

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Honor Product Time to Honor Creative Process

In my response to a comment from Mary (who was in my Writer’s Resistance class), I mentioned showing up for Product Time (something we talked about in that class), so this is probably a good time to explain what I mean by Product Time. When I coach writers and teach the Writing Habit and Brain […]

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