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Writing Your Future Self

What changes in your brain and your writing do you anticipate as you age? Do you think your creative brain will be like a fine wine that gets better with age or more like grapes that shrivel and eventually rot? Be careful, your expectations will affect your experiences. Chances are, the younger you are, the […]

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Writer Announcements & Links to All Sorts of Writer Fun

Today’s post has migrated — you’ll find it on Penquin’s Book Country blog. If you recently completed a big writing project or hope to complete a writing project in the future, you need to know about the Afterglow or Aftershock that can be part of the Hibernation that follows finishing a project. Please Don’t Feed […]

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Free Writer’s Conference and Book!

I’m honored and thrilled to deliver the keynote “Creativity and the 50 and Better Brain” at the Loft’s Creative Writing for Writers Aged 50 and Better conference on October 5. Is your 50 and better brain up to the creative challenge of writing? Absolutely! Your brain is changing, not deteriorating. Discover how to leverage the […]

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