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What You Can Thank Your Saboteur For

Why on earth would we thank our Saboteur, that self-destructive impulse that interferes with our writing? All of the five forms of the Saboteur want to freeze your creativity. The Attacker undermines your confidence; the Enticer tempts you to sacrifice the habits that sustain your writing; the Innocent is anything but; the Protector doesn’t protect […]

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How To Let Go of What Others Think to Create Better Art: Guest Post by Joel D Canfield

Author and musician Joel D Canfield made such an intriguing comment on my last post on how people-pleasing interferes with writing that I invited him to expand that comment into this guest post. Joel is the author of eleven books and the Someday Box blog for those who want to get a book out of […]

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Time to Be Brave Again

I was sitting on the couch last night with about a hundred pages of my novel manuscript sitting next to me. Officially, I set the novel aside five years ago so I could focus on Around the Writer’s Block. Unofficially, I set it aside because I didn’t know how to move forward without risking more […]

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