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Out-trashing the Saboteur: Guest Post by John George Drozdal

One of the reasons I appreciate working with John Drozdal is his sense of humor, especially when we talk about the Saboteur (see chapter 8 in AWB).  Like all of us, John got shoved around by his Saboteur for a long time without knowing what was happening. But once he found out what was going […]

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Who Said That?

“My Preciousssss.” “Book em Danno.” “What’s up Doc?” “Just the facts Mam.” “Live, from New York, it’s Saturday Night.” “D’oh!” “To be or not to be…” “How YOU doin?” Can you spot the two anomalies in these Catch Phrases? While you’re pondering that, I’ll distract your eye from the answers to that question, by identifying […]

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