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Have You Caught the Writer’s Alleluia Lately?

By Rosanne Bane A fellow writer, who wants to remain anonymous, introduced me to the idea of catching the Alleluia. She in turn caught the idea from a choral director who, as she recalls, “told his students there is always an ‘Alleluia’ going on in the Universe and when you make your music right, you […]

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Don’t Take Yourself Seriously Part 3: Keep Your Promises

I can’t tell you exactly how you’ll discern your Self from your self and how you’ll finesse the balance between your ego-self and your True Self . But one guideline I find helpful is to always honor the promises you make to yourself and others. When you honor a commitment you make, you strengthen your awareness of […]

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Don’t Take Yourself Seriously Part 2: Ego, Maslow and All That

      While you shouldn’t take yourself too seriously, you must take your Self seriously.   I’m talking about the distinction between your (lower case s) self and your (capital S) Self, aka your True Self or Spirit. (If you’re curious, I discuss Carl Jung’s distinction between the larger Self and the ego-self and […]

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