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Writing Failure Lesson #2: Feel it Fully

As you develop a perspective like Thomas Edison’s that there is no failure, that you’re just discovering ways that don’t work on the way to finding what does work, you’ll probably feel relief. Thank God, I don’t have to worry about failing any more. You might try to talk yourself into false cheer. Alright! Good […]

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Bless Your Agony – It Will Lead You to Write

It helps to surrender yourself to the story (poem, essay, script, etc.) early in the day when your creative energy is highest. You won’t get all of the story out, but your unconscious will trust you to return tomorrow and so won’t find it necessary to send you agony signals the rest of the day. […]

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Key Questions Part 2

After noticing what commitments you make to your writing (as recommended in last week’s post), the other significant questions are: Did you do what you said you’d do? And how do you feel about what you did? I encourage students in my Writing Habit class to stick to the facts when checking in about what […]

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