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How to Avoid Wrecking Ball Feedback

In response to the previous post, “Feedback Should Be a Crystal Ball, Not a Wrecking Ball,” Paige McKinney observed, “Sometimes wrecking balls seem magnetic, and once they’ve hit, a writer’s stuck. Any advice on how to let go or fight the pull?” I’ll talk about how to recover from “feedback fallout” – writer’s block and […]

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Feedback Should Be a Crystal Ball, Not a Wrecking Ball

Judy Reeves, author of Writing Alone, Writing Together, offered this comment to my first post about feedback: “Thanks for this post, Rosanne. I know from personal experience how criticism can do harm, but I also know critique is valuable to me as a writer and to those writers I work with. I wanted to pass […]

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Most Common — and Least Suspected — Cause of Writer’s Block and Resistance

What can put a writer who is engaged, excited, committed and making real progress into a tailspin that leaves her/him deflated, defeated, demotivated and questioning if s/he can finish this piece and if s/he should write at all? What can push a courageous writer away from a topic or particular piece of writing s/he was […]

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