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Are You a Creative Super-Conductor?

Many writers share the awareness that when we’re at our very best, the writing comes, not so much from us, as through us. We are a channel that creative energy flows through. What we call the source of that creative flow varies: the Divine, the Universe, your muse, the life force, the Great Mystery. This […]

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Does Your Writer’s Block Rely on a Digital Trance?

Is there a real difference between a creative flow state (while writing or engaged in any other creative activity) and being lost in a digital trance (which could include being absorbed by TV, emails, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, shopping, etc.)? For most of us, the digital trance is so close to what we’re really looking for in the flow state, we keep going there, hoping that this time it’ll be all we need without enduring the risk and fear that come with surrendering to the flow. What happens in the brain with addiction and resistance are very different processes. But the search for something that’s almost what you need is remarkably similar.

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Writer’s Trance Available Online

I’m not talking about the trance anyone can slip into when they get online, their eyes glaze over and they numb out. I’m talking about the intentional shift of consciousness writers make to enter the half-dreaming, hypnagogic state where the imaginary world becomes as real or more real than “consensual reality,” where images emerge without effort and […]

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