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Finding a Writer’s Group that Really Works

In response to a recent post about writer’s groups, Teresa commented that she connected with an online group, but when she signed on recently, she discovered “no one was doing the challenge. I got mad and let them know it. Then I didn’t do any better, wrote zip last night and surfed instead. Trivia.” Teresa’s […]

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Does Your Writer’s Group Contribute to Writer’s Block and Resistance?

The previous post (Writer See, Writer Do) highlights the power of mirror neurons. This is why being part of an effective writer’s community — and having your mirror neurons fire in synch with other writers’ positive approach and experiences — offers so many benefits. But our mirror neurons don’t discriminate which people are worth emulating. […]

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The Company You Keep

By Rosanne Bane It matters what company you keep. You’ve probably heard about the research that shows that if your friends are overweight, you’re over 50% more likely to be overweight yourself. I’m convinced that being part of an effective writer’s group is a great benefit and that being part of a dysfunctional or ineffective writer’s […]

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