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Laugh Your Way Out of Writer’s Block

There’s nothing funny about feeling blocked or recognizing that you’re spending more time resisting than writing. But the solution might be a laughing matter. The Gamma Connection Humor increases creativity. Recent research shows that “mirthful laughter” triggers your brain to release gamma waves, which are the brain’s highest electrical frequency. Gamma waves are required to […]

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Writer’s Block Can Be a Laughing Matter

The research is in: humor boosts creativity. Laughing is a great way to bust through writer’s block. I could cite the research and I will next week, but it’s Friday afternoon, so let’s cut to the chase. A panda walks into a diner and orders a bamboo sandwich. The waitress brings him a sandwich. After […]

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Worst Writing Resistance Ever Contest

Finally a writing contest where avoiding your writing pays off! Research shows that writing about painful experiences helps us move on. So why not enter this contest and get any lingering writing-related trauma out of your system. And a maybe win a free book. Tell us about your worst experience with resistance: a full-fledged writer’s […]

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