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Writer’s Block Quiz

What’s the difference between writer’s block and Incubation or Hibernation? Incubation and Hibernation, the third and sixth stages in the creative process, can look and feel an awful lot like writer’s block. So how you do tell the difference? Take the quiz and find out. Identify which statements describe writer’s block, Incubation or Hibernation. You […]

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When to Shift Your Brain into “Creative Overdrive”

The previous post illustrated why creativity demands you shift from an active prefrontal cortex to a quiet prefrontal cortex and explained how you do that. That leaves us with the question of when to shift brain states. I haven’t found a lot of research on what specific areas of the brain you want active or […]

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Word Counts Work – In 1 Out of 6 Stages

Setting a goal to write so many words a day (as Stephen King and many other writers do) can work for you, but only when you’re generating new material. That might seem obvious, but keep in mind, there are six stages in the creative process and in only one of those six stages do you […]

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This Is the Writing Life; That’s Resistance! Part 2

When the research books and printouts pile up and your notes and drafts are getting so thick you can’t find your desk, that’s the writing life. When you have so many other appointments, projects and priorities, you can’t find your way to your desk for weeks, that’s resistance.   When you’ve put in your writing […]

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